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TTP2 (Telpad 2)


* Simply connect to an existing unit, Alert-Guard or Hub via 4 cores.

* The TelPad II can either:
  - Absorb the existing codes of panel it’s connected to (the only option for Optimus)
  - Be programmed with separate codes to differentiate between exit and entry
  (Telguard range only).

* All programming can be achieved remotely, therefore no site visits are required.

* A low profile, moulded anthracite back box and a stainless steel faceplate.

* Trade and Clear buttons as standard.

The level of programming available will be determined by what the TelPad II is connected to: 

The Telpad II can either mirror the programming of the chosen panel or have separate codes.

* STANDALONE ~ HUB CONNECTION Programming allowance as the Telguard range:
- 400 Access Codes
- 900+ Authorised incoming numbers
- Internal Time Clock with 9 time zones
- Activity Log
- SMS Alerts


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